Functional Pilates

Functional Pilates


Pilates is the perfect adjunct to physiotherapy treatment. Pilates in Apollo Physiotherapy is taught by Chartered Physiotherapists who use their expert knowledge of anatomy and movement science to deliver a targeted exercise programme specifically designed for your needs. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to optimise your performance, a weekend warrior, a fair weather golfer, or if you simply want to get through daily life in a painfree manner, our functional pilates classes can help you to achieve that goal.

Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality,invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.

-Joseph Pilates

Ante-Natal Pilates

Medical professionals firmly advocate continuing with exercise during a healthy pregnancy. Pilates is an ideal form of exercise in the ante-natal period. It is low-impact and is designed to target the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles during this important time. It helps to maintain strength and flexibility of the postural muscles, giving you the strength required for pregnancy and delivery, and most importantly for looking after your new arrival.

Post-Natal Pilates

Pilates during the post-natal period is arguably the most beneficial form of exercise at this time. It helps to rehabilitate the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles, and targets the weakened muscles of the thoracic spine, gluteal (buttock), lower back and pelvic area. It is the ideal foundation from which you can return to your pre-pregnancy sporting activities and fitness levels.

Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre is a unique mix of ballet and pilates moves performed at the barre. Benefits include improved activation of the deep core muscles, improved postural alignment, increased strength and flexibility, in particular of the hip muscles, as well as increased energy and endurance.

Ballet Barre Classes are suitable for anybody wishing to work on improving their posture, strength and flexibility, and, above all, they are fun.